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    Extra Otto Lapis Montegrappa The most previous version of the Extra Otto, made of lapis lazuli and vermeil


    Limited Edition
    192 fountain pens

    The octagonal shape has long been a part of Montegrappa's design language;but only in 2012, the year of its centenary, Montegrappa revived the use of the eight-sided geometric shape applying it to the most enduring of the company's pen ranges: the Extra 1930, creating the Extra Otto.

    After several celluloid editions, here is the latest, most precious, version, made of lapis lazuli, only in fountain pen model, in only 192 pieces, like the number of ancient Egyptian manuscripts describing the transition to afterlife.

    Extra Otto Lapislazzuli by Montegrappa

    According to the ancient Egyptians, the lapis lazuli contained the soul of the goddess Isis and for this reason it was considered a source of energy and divinity. For over six thousand years it has been extracted from the mountains of Afghanistan and has always been one of the most precious elements used by jewellers to adorn the jewels of kings and queens, often also called sapphire.

    From Montegrappa's description:"The deep ultramarine color, sprinkled with a golden stardust lends celestial character to a silhouette made for heavenly writing". (Wow!)

    Extra Otto Lapis Montegrappa
    stilografica Extra Otto Lapis di Montegrappa

    Cap and body of genuine lapis lazuli, and trims of vermeil rosè (sterling silver, plated with rose gold).
    The preparation of the semi-precious stone for the Extra Otto required the development of special diamond cutting techniques and a high-tech carbon fibre core to ensure strength and lightness.

    18Kt gold nib, available as ExtraFine (EF), Fine (F), Medium (M), Broad (B) and Stub 1.1 (ST).
    Piston filling system.

    Ambigram MontegrappaThe clip is fitted with the company’s roller. The central band is decorated with Egyptians symbols (winged scarab, Horus' eye) and the Montegrappa logo.

    What is an Ambigram?
    The ambigram is a word,
    or a calligraphic design,
    that -into the selfsame set of curves-
    manages to give two different readings,
    or the same one,
    rotating the design,
    or mirroring, or other.

    At the top of the cap you can see the Montegramma ambigram, also shown in some cufflinks collections.

    The pen is packed in a luxury, large wood box, that includes an ink bottle.

    Diameter: mm. 16,5
    Length closed: mm. 138
    Weight: 58 gr.

    The octagon is the example of geometric perfection that has long provided Montegrappa with a timeless motif, one that also provides its own unique feel and level of comfort for writers who bond with their favourite pens.
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