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Warranty and customer's rights

Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer of all the products of our website: therefore, they are covered by the producer's international warranty - worldwide valid.
Giardino Italiano sells only new and original products, and each one comes with its original warranty, box, and papers.

Our customers may choose to directly contact the Producers, or one of their country distributors, for any repair they need, as specified in all products' warranty, because they bought a genuine, original product.

(All the products are covered by the official warranty of the Producers, as Italian Law "Decreto legislativo n° 24 del 02-02-2002" says.)
Note: consumables (refills, cartridges, etc) are not covered by warranty.
Also nibs - apart form exceptional cases - and watches' straps are not covered by warranty.

This warranty may extend - for some products - even over the 2 years minimum for Law.; please read the Guarantee documents attached to each product and stamped by Giardino Italiano.

Satisfied or money back

If you don't like what you have received, or is not what you expected, or if you have just changed your mind, you can easily return it without any problem.

Essential requirement for the full refund is that the product MUST NOT BE USED.
This means that pens must not be inked, neither dropped in ink; that watches must not be worn, and leather goods must not be handled and touched. The micro-scratches that are unavoidably caused by use - even if careful - of these delicate products, would prevent us from selling it again and, therefore, we couldn't refund the total amount.

If the product has been used or it's not complete in all parts (in its original box, with all its papers and accessories), we'll evaluate its value on a case by case basis and will inform you.

How to return - Repairs


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