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    Stipula pens - LungaVita Three functions in a fountain pen: writing, counting words, drug-transport

    LUNGA VITA Limited Edition

    Limited Edition
    Limited Edition
    351 fountain pens

    The Lunga Vita (= Long Life) is an oversized fountain pen with red cap and transparent barrel, graduated with red notches and numbers, reminiscent of a syringe, but which are actually a nice "word counter" on the ink level.

    The cap is decorated with a clip-sculpture, which represents the Rod of Aesculapius, god of medicine, represented by a snake twisted around a walking stick.

    Stipula Lunga Vita
    Stipula Lunga Vita

    Three ways filling system: cartridge, converter, or directly with eyedropper.

    Not only fountain pen

    By unscrewing the red ends of the cap and barrel, we have two "life-saving" compartments food grade steel compartments for safe storage of medicines.
    Lunga Vita Stipula - open

    The steel nib is available as F, M, and Stub 1.1; but also as V-FLEX unique size, a calligraphic nib with an increased cut and very high flexibility of stroke. The V-Flex nib starts from a F/M with light pressure, to arrive at stub just weighing your hand.

    Otherwise, there is the T-FLEX titanium nib, that gives great performance in terms of accuracy, flexibility and lightness, allows a perfect writing. It's a calligraphic nib as well, with F/M tip, and meets whatever a pressure.

    Or, also the classic 14 Kt gold nib, with a very wide choice of grades: starting from UF (UltraFine) and EF (ExtraFine), to F, M, B, and to 0.9 Stub and 1.1 Stub.

    Stipula pennino acciaio V_Flex pennino Titanio T-Flex pennino oro 14 kt stipula

    The price below is referred to the steel nib or V-Flex nib, that has the same price as steel.
    You can order it with titanium T-Flex nib, or 14Kt gold nib, adding its extra-fee to the steel nibbed price (on request).


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    Description Color Version Price €
    Lunga Vita - Limited Edition fountain pen - Special Offer Medium280 € 159.00
    Lunga Vita - Limited Edition fountain pen pennino titanio T-Flex€ 260.00
    extra-fee for nib substitution in 14Kt gold € 269.00
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