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    Optima Aurora Classical pen, in variegated auroloide, golden or chromed trims.


    Three wondeful colours of variegated auroloide for Optima, which encloses values of classical harmony and classic filling system (piston, with a practical ink inspection). It re-evokes the elegance and sobriety of a model which made history in the Thirties.

    The series uinclude fountain pen, capped roller and ballpen.

    Optima blue Fountainpen
    Optima Red Fountainpen
    Optima Green Roller
    Optima Blue Ballpoint Pen

    The latest color released is the Nero Perla (Black & Pearl): marbled grey auroloide and chrome finishing
    grey Optima

    New Ring

    In 2008, the chromed or golden central ring changed decoration, e all the Optima are now produced with the new ring:

    Optima blu/chromium-plated: Optima blu/dorata grey Optima - nero perla Optima Green/golden trims Optima Red/chromium-plated:

    Blue Auroloide with chrome trims - Blue Auroloide with golden trims - Grey Auroloide with chrome trims- Green Auroloide with golden trims - Red Auroloide with chrome trims

    14 Kt gold nibs (either rhodium-treated gold, or yellow gold, depending on the models).
    Piston filling system

    Also made in classic plain black, in resin with chrome accents

    Optima Black Fountainpen

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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Optima - auroloide fountain pen 650.00€ 499.00
    Optima - black resin fountain pen 540.00€ 419.00
    Optima - auroloide roller roller€ 366.00
    Optima - roller black resin roller€ 295.00
    Optima - auroloide ballpen ball pen€ 2926.00
    Optima - black resin ballpen ball pen€ 235.00
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    Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 -
    € 9.90

    refills 280 for roller - 12 pieces box

    € 75.00

    refills 132 for ballpoint - 12 pieces box

    € 66.00
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