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Fidelity Fidelity Discount

Giardino Italiano rewards its loyal customers with an exclusive advantage:


Immediately from the first order, on every purchase, the 10% of the payed amount (excluded transport fees and additional services) is set aside.

The set aside amount can be used for subsequent purchases of any other Giardino Italiano's products (leather - pens - watches - books - jewels - spare parts, even clearance items); if the set aside amount is smaller than the price of the product, you will pay only the difference.
No minimum order required.

The Special Offers - which have a discounted price - and the coupon discounts don't contribute to accumulate new Fidelity Discount.

Fidelity Discount is highlighted in your receipt, and is valid for 1 year.

Today I buy a pen which costs Euro 125, plus shipping cost Euro 10.
My Fidelity Discount is Euro 12,50.
In six months from now, I'll buy a pencase, which costs Euro 60; I'll pay it only Euro 47,50 (= 60-12,50); and my next Fidelity Discount will be Euro 4,75.



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