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    foto Limited Edition with the new Maiora titanium nib, size 8

    TI22 Limited

    Edizione Limitata
    188 stilografiche
    188 roller
    The Ti22 Limited Edition is one of the Ultra Ogiva line, so called because of its ogival and elongated cap shape. A unique design, inspired by the most sophisticated expressions of elegance and functionality.
    Top quality materials have been selected for its realisation: Italian resin for body and cap and titanium for the nib.

    Ti22 is made with two different colors of marbled resin:

    Teti (BLUE), named after Greek mythology: Teti was the most beautiful of the Nereids - nymphs of the seas - mother of Achilles.

    Maiora Ultra-Ogiva TI22
    Maiora Ultra-Ogiva TI22

    Gea (BROWN):the primordial goddess of the Earth according to Greek mythology; mother of Uranus (the sky), Pontus (the sea) and the 12 Titans (progenitors of the gods).

    Maiora Ultra-Ogiva TI22
    Maiora Ultra-Ogiva TI22

    The collection includes fountain pen and capped roller.

    Maiora Ultra-Ogiva TI22 roller

    The giant nib (#8) made of pure titanium is finely engraved by Maiora-Delta craftsmen and fitted with a large ebonite feeder, also made by Maiora, to guarantee unrivalled durability and a writing pleasure that satisfies even the most demanding users.

    Maiora TI22 titanium nib

    Filling system: piston.

    Finishing: palladium.

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    Ti22 - Limited Edition fountain pen € 354.00
    Ti22 - Limited Edition roller roller€ 230.00
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