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    Alpha K Oversize fountain pen in different materials and colours


    Limited Edition
    Alpha K: 388 fp
    Alpha: not limited

    Alpha, like the first letter of the Greek alphabet.
    A generously sized pen, imposing, classic, and above all beautiful, produced in two versions: Alpha K and Alpha.

    ALPHA K - Limited Edition, with 14Kt gold nib, piston filled, ink window;
    Maiora Alpha K nera

    ALPHA - steel nib and triple filling system: converter, cartridge, dropper. Numbered but not limited.
    Maiora Alpha nera

    The central band displays the baroque elegance typical of southern Italy: that is, sumptuousness and beauty. It is made of vermeil (24Kt gold-plated sterling silver) in these versions, all of which have gold-plated finishes. On request, all pens are also available with rhodium-plated finishes.

    The Alfa series is available in various magnificent materials and colours, all made in Italy:

    Dark blue for cap and grip, and variegated blue for the barrel, like the Amalfi night sky (the photos show the Alpha K piston model, with semi-transparent orange inspection window). In the list at the bottom of the page, the Alpha Amalfi is identified with the colour Night Blue.
    Maiora Amalfi

    The colours of earth and ash, with hints of blue, to recall Herculaneum. The same variegated resin for the body and cap. In the K version, the inspection window is translucent orange. In the list at the bottom, the Alpha Herculaneum is called BrownMaiora Ercolano

    Pompeian red and bright green, marbled resin for body and cap. In the K version pictured, the ink inspection window is transparent. In the list, the Alpha Pompei is identified by the colour RedMaiora Pompei

    Oro-Grigio (Gold-Grey)
    Light grey, dark grey and black, with gold inclusions, make this ringed pearly resin. The photo shows the piston filled K-version, with transparent inspection window. In the price list at the bottom of the page, Alpha Gold-Grey is identified by the colour GreyMaiora oro-grigio

    Oro-Blu (Gold-Blue)
    Blue, black and grey resin with gold inclusions; sparkling and precious. The Alpha K version has a blue semi-transparent inspection window. In the list at the bottom, the Alpha Gold-blue is identified by the colour Blue
    Maiora oro-blu

    Oro-arancio (Gold-Orange)
    Black and orange resin rings in different shades, with gold inclusions, on the body and cap. In the K version, the inspection window is translucent orange. In the list, the Gold-Orange Alpha is called OrangeMaiora oro-arancio

    When it's closed, the cap hids the ink window.
    Linear clip, with rotating ball.
    Maiora Amalfi chiusa

    pennini Maiora


    The Jowo nibs are decorated with the Maiora logo and offer an excellent writing experience.

    In the picture, on the left the steel nib, available as EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1 and Stub 1.5.
    On the right, the 14Kt gold nib, available as EF, F, M, B, Stub 1.1 - and two grades of flexible nib: Flex EF and Flex F.

    The Alpha version feaures a triple filling system: cartridge, converter, or direct loading. Thanks to the hermetic closure that makes it safe, and using a syringe or dropper (not included), ink can be poured directly into the barrel of the pen, up to a capacity of 5.5 ml.

    The Alpha K version, instead, feature the piston filling system (with ink window).

    Dimensions of both models:
    Length closed: mm. 141
    Diameter max: mm. 17

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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Alpha K piston filled, variegated resin fountain pen € 459.00
    Alpha K piston filled, black fountain pen black€ 400.00
    Alpha - converter filled fountain pen in variegated resin € 229.00
    Alpha- converter filled, black fountain pen black€ 182.00
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    gift packaging
    € 2.00

    Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 -
    € 9.90

    Ink cartridge stoppers - 4 pcs
    € 12.00

    Glass eye dropper
    € 4.00
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