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    Aurora Tolomeo The first pen of Aurora Mappe Antiche collection; devoted to Tolomeo

    TOLOMEO Limited

    Edizione Limitata
    680 stilografiche

    Mappe AnticheAurora celebrates the ancient maps that enabled mankind to discover uncharted lands with a new collection: Mappe Antiche.
    An ancient map reveals passion, hope, knowledge, and how the world has been unveiled and depicted over the centuries.

    The first of the 5 Mappe Antiche fountain pens is Tolomeo.

    The Greek astronomer Ptolemy (Tolomeo) drew the first map of the known world in about 150 AD, in Alexandria, Egypt, with a grid of geometric lines corresponding to latitude and longitude. When the map appeared in Europe during the Middle Ages, it revolutionised Western cartography, which had always placed east at the top instead of north.

    The Mappe Antiche Tolomeo fountain pen, made in only 680 pieces, features a blue mottled auroloid body and cap, and sterling silver trim.

    Aurora Mappe Antiche Tolomeo
    Aurora Mappe Antiche Tolomeo

    The bottom of the fountain pen depicts the compass rose, a recurring graphic element in maps:

    Compass rose Aurora Mappe Antiche Tolomeo - bottom

    The cap top, on the other hand, is decorated with an intricate silver element reproducing the armillary sphere (a model of the celestial sphere made by Erastothenes in 255 BC).
    Clip and rings echo the movement of the sea during navigation.

    armillary sphere Aurora Mappe Antiche Tolomeo - cap top

    Each pen in the Mappe Antiche collection is inspired by one of the 5 senses.
    With Tolomeo, Aurora engages the sense of touch. A special relief sleeve accompanies the fountain pen packaging; to retrace with your eyes closed, skimming the surface, the routes of the ancient maps that have marked the world.

    Tolomeo - box

    Nib: 18Kt gold, as EF, F, M, B.
    Ebonite feeder.
    Filling system: piston, with ink window.

    Aurora Tolomeo will be release at the end of June.


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