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    Avatar The new version of Avatar in UltraResin, unbreakable

    AVATAR UR 2019

    The word Avatar, in Sanskrit,
    means "appearance, descent".
    In the virtual word, an Avatar is the alter ego
    that represents the real person.
    Pineider choosed this name hoping that
    the Avatar pen could become the alter ego
    and the lifetime companion
    for the customers who will buy them.

    For the new Avatar, made in 2019, Pineider developed a new material, a mix of mother of pearl and resin that they named UltraResin.
    It's a very stiff material, as rigid almost as metal, and incredibly resistant to to hits, very close to call it unbreakable.
    It's also resistant to oils, ink, electricity, to hight and low temperatures and to any weather conditions. Due to all these features, and to the beautiful and various colors obtained, it's considered widely better than celluloid, historical and traditional material used in the top pen industry.

    Here are the colors:

    Neptune Blue

    Avalone Green
    Avatar Abalone Green

    Riace Bronze
    Avatar Riace Bronze

    Angel Skin Pink
    Avatar Angel Skin

    Red Devil
    Avatar Devil Red

    Avatar black

    Steel central band, rhodium plated, that depicts Florence's skyline and the Pineider logo.

    fascetta Avatarfascetta Avatar

    Clip Avatar Pineider pennino Avatar

    Steel nib, rhodium plated, available as F or M, decorated with the name Pineider, in Futurism style.

    The marine steel clip is a stylized quill, ethernal symbol of writing; it features a sophisticated compensation mechanism and a wide spring range with allows use with any kind of material and thickness.

    The Avatar UltraResin was built following the GlueLess technology rules: it was assembled without using a single drop of glue, thanks to the 3D engineering and high precision manufacturing.
    Really a technological puzzle, where all components precisely fit each other by simple framed parts.


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