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    Visconti Comedia A collection of 3 pens devoted to the Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri


    Midway upon the journey
    of our life
    I found myself within a forest dark,
    for the straighforward pathway
    had been lost
    Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) is recognised as the father of the Italian language; he wrote the Divine Comedy between 1300 and 1321, the year of his death. It is the most important literary testimony of medieval civilisation and one of the greatest works of universal literature.
    The Divine Comedy recounts an imaginary journey into the three realms of the afterlife - Hell, Purgatory and Paradise - offering an insight into medieval morals and ethics and the worldview developed by the Catholic Church.


    è considerato il padre della lingua italiana; scrisse la Divina Commedia tra il 1300 e il 1321, anno della sua morte. E' la più importante testimonianza letteraria della civiltà medievale nonché una delle più grandi opere della letteratura universale.
    La Divina Commedia racconta un viaggio immaginario nei tre regni dell'aldilà - Inferno, Purgatorio e Paradiso - offrendo uno spaccato di morale ed etica medioevale e la visione del mondo sviluppatasi nella Chiesa Cattolica.

    Visconti created the Comedia pen collection that captures the essence of each kingdom.

    Black resin, with fiery red accents, evoking the flames of hell and eternal darkness. Dark ruthenium finish.

    Comedia - Inferno

    Brown resin with grey clouds, symbolising the journey of purification of souls from Mount Purgatory to heaven. Palladium finish.

    Comedia - Purgatorio

    Blue and light blue resin, with white and cerulean shades: sky and clouds, with golden finishes like the sun.

    Comedia - Paradiso

    To select them for purchase, each pen is identified by its dominant colour:
    Hell: black; Purgatory: brown; Paradise: blue.

    The Visconti Comedia is available in fountain pen, rollerball and ballpen versions.

    Comedia - capsThe original band of this collection bears the inscription Comedia and the names Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso; it is decorated with two hammered textured edges, which are also present on the grip ends.

    Nib: size 6 mm steel nib, of the same finishing as the pen (palladium, ruthenium, golden), tips F, M, B.

    Filling: cartridge/converter.

    Packed in a cardboard box decorated with the outline of Dante Alighieri.

    Comedia - box


    Visconti Comedia


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