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    sede fabbricaMontegrappa opened in Bassano del Grappa in 1912: nearly a century of superb craftsmanship has passed for this Italian brand known around the world for its Italian creativity and style and appreciated for its outstanding quality.

    Although shapes and materials may change, all Montegrappa pens possess distinctive features: the octagonal shape, the rotating sphere on the end of the clip, and precious materials - gold, silver, gems and celluloid.

    Giardino Italiano is authorized dealer of Montegrappa pens.

    Montegrappa- Zero Zodiac

    Zero Zodiac
    One each Zodiac sign, of Zero series. Regular and limited editions.

    Montegrappa- Dante InfernoLimited

    Dante Inferno
    Dante Alighieri‘s Inferno represented in sterling silver by Montegrappa

    Montegrappa- Zero Meteor ShowerLimited

    Zero Meteor Shower
    A shower of shooting stars with incandescent colors for this Zero line

    Montegrappa- Mia

    Perfect shapes, and color festival, this is Mia that lights up the heart

    Montegrappa- Extra VersesLimited

    Extra Verses
    The Extra 1930 series, re-projectes in a new model as limited edition

    Montegrappa- Elmo Fantasy Blooms

    Elmo Fantasy Blooms
    Montegrappa entry level in pearly and veined colors

    Montegrappa- Wild BaobabLimited

    Wild Baobab
    Made in collaboration with Uri and Helle Løvevild Golman, explorers and photographers of National Geographic

    Montegrappa- Venus de MiloLimited

    Venus de Milo
    From the Genio Creativo series, marble with bronze finishings Limited Edition for the 200 years from discovery

    Montegrappa- Extra Otto SapphirusLimited

    Extra Otto Sapphirus
    The most precious version of Extra 1930, made of lapis lazuli and rose vermeil

    Montegrappa- Lord of RingsLimited

    Lord of Rings
    A tribute to the Lord of Rings Trilogy by Montegrappa, in sterling silver and celluloid

    Montegrappa- Time BrainLimited

    Time Brain
    Multifunction pen, enriched by time and brain details

    Montegrappa- Aviator

    Pens collection devoted to airplanes, with recalling shape, decor and material

    Montegrappa- Bartolomeo FerracinaLimited

    Bartolomeo Ferracina
    Celluloid and sterling silver collection, with a watch on the cap top

    Montegrappa- Felicita

    A more compact version than Fortuna series, more comfortable for small hands

    Montegrappa- Nazionale Flex ZebraLimited

    Nazionale Flex Zebra
    Inspired to Nazionale of 30s, striped celluloid and flexible nib

    Montegrappa- Monte Grappa

    Monte Grappa
    Vintage looking pen, free of frills, ideal form and faultless functionality.

    Montegrappa- CanovaLimited

    From the Genio Creativo series, marble with bronze finishings Limited Edition

    Montegrappa- Iustitia

    A Montegrappa‘s modern classic, the ideal gift for those in the legal profession

    Montegrappa- Extra OttoLimited

    Extra Otto
    Octagonal shape applied to the famous Extra 1930, in 3 different colors of celluloid and silver

    Montegrappa- Fortuna


    Montegrappa- Extra1930

    Large size pens in celluloid and sterling silver or gold

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