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    Penne d'Italia Green white and red for the 150th anniversary of Italy's unification


    A new special collection, dedicated to Italian culture.
    Created in collaboration with the designer Carlo Naldi,the collection fully represents Italian style.

    penneAt first sight the pen reminds the Italian flag and its colors (green, white and red); but, if you pay attention to the pens' shape, you'll note the special oblique cut of the cap top and of the nib casing, which reminds.. penne, indeed: the typical shape of Italian pasta!
    Red for the tomato, white for the pasta, and green for basil ...

    penne d'Italia

    The pens are made in red, white and green pearly resin; and feature a sterling silver clip.

    The fountain pen is cartidge/converter filled, and its nib is in 18 Kt bicolor gold. A version with steel nib has been made as well.
    The pen, closed, measures 142 mm. and its max diameter is 16 mm.; open, with posted cap, it measures 160 mm.

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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Penne Italia fountain pen with 18 kt gold nib 549.00€ 429.00
    Penne Italia fountain pen with steel nib € 249.00
    Penne Italia roller roller285.00€ 225.00
    Penne Italia ballpen ball pen275.00€ 215.00
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    refills 5888 for roller - 2 pieces box
    black € 7.50

    refills P900 for ballpoint - 2 pieces box

    € 7.50
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