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    Ambienti-Tundra Collection of 5 pens, dedicated to natural environments, to their colors and scents

    AMBIENTI Limited

    Aurora AmbientiLimited
    Limited Edition
    580 fountain pens
    each theme
    The new Aurora Ambienti collection is composed by 5 pens that will be released during the whole year 2021, one every 2 months.

    It's a special collection: a complete sensory experience that will let you see, hear, touch, smell and write.
    In collaboration with the most antique perfumery maison in Italy, 5 exclusive fragrances inspired by these 5 evoked natural environments have been created, which already upon opening the box will draw you into the atmosphere of the fascinating and mysterious place of the theme.
    Each environment will have a dedicated ink in its own special colour.

    Ambienti - Glacier

    GhiacciaioThe first pen is the Glacieer.

    Scheduled release: May 2021


    Ice colours, light reflections and turquoise water are the characteristic elements of this marbled auroloid resin that mixes white-grey parts with turquoise flashes. Silver finish.

    Ambienti Aurora Ghiacciaio

    The central band is made of sterling silver with a micro-cast decoration. The silver grip is decorated with a special engraving of the glacier profile, the same depicted on the box and on the scented booklet.

    Anello centrale Ambienti Aurora Ghiacciaio Aurora Ambienti Ghiacciaio

    Aurora Ambienti Ghiacciaio
    Aurora Ambienti Ghiacciaio stilografica

    Piston filling system.
    Nib: 18 kt gold, available a sEF, F, M, B, Stub.

    Ambienti - Tundra

    Ambienti TundraThe second planned pen is the Tundra

    Scheduled release: July 2021


    The warm, earthy tones of desert terrain, the brown of rock, the blue of the Arctic sky, and the white of snow are brought together in this pen with a marbled auroloid body and cap.

    Aurora Tundra

    Solid silver finish. The grip of the pen is decorated with an engraving representing the rare vegetation of the tundra: mosses, lichens and small low shrubs. The pen comes with a bottle of sepia ink and a scented booklet.

    Ambienti Tundra
    Aurora Ambienti - Tubdra - fountain pen

    Piston filling system.
    Nib: 18 kt gold, available a sEF, F, M, B, Stub.

    Ambienti - Jungle

    Ambienti Aurora GiunglaThe third pen will be the Jungle

    Scheduled release: September 2021


    Ambienti - Tropics

    Ambienti Tropici Aurora penneThe fourth pen will be dedicated to Tropics


    heduled release: November 2021


    Ambienti - Desert

    Ambienti Aurora Deserto The last one will be the Desert

    Scheduled release: January 2022



    Ambienti pens can be purchased separately, or you can also book the complete set to have the same serial number on each pen. Contact us about.
    The first one (Glacier), that will be released in May, is already purchasable. For the next pens, we only ask for a down-payment for booking.

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    Description Color Version Price €
    Ambienti - Glacier fountain pen Sold out
    Ambienti - Tundra fountain pen € 890.00
    Down-payment for Ambienti Jungle pen € 100.00
    Down-payment for Ambienti Tropics pen € 100.00
    Down-payment for Ambienti Desert pen € 100.00
    Ambienti - Tundra fountain pen € 890.00
    Ambienti - Set of 5 pens 5400 € 4200.00
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