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    The Visconti Year of the Dragon The Year of the Dragon by Visconti, red enamel and vermeil silver


    Limited Edition
    224 pens
    According to the Chinese zodiac, 2024 is the Year of the Wood Dragon: a symbol of strength, courage and creativity, as well as the flexibility and adaptability typical of wood.
    Visconti's Year of the Dragon exalts the sumptuousness of ancient Chinese traditions, highlighting the skill of Visconti's craftsmen who crafted every detail.

    La Year of the Dragon is an oversize pen, all made of gold plated sterling silver (vermeil), meticulously decorated with an engraving depicting a Chinese 5-clawed dragon

    Visconti Year of the Dragon

    Against the background of red enamel - a good-luck colour - small clouds of steam are scattered; because contrary to Western traditions that see the fire-breathing dragon, in Chinese culture the dragon is associated with water, steam and clouds.

    The golden clip is in the shape of a Chinese dragon flying above the clouds.

    Visconti Year of the Dragon - clip

    The body of the dragon on the barrel and cap is further engraved with a scale texture, visible under a layer of semi-transparent enamel.

    Visconti Year of the Dragon roller

    Year of the Dragon - Visconti - pistonThe collection includes fountain pen and roller.

    Filling system: piston, Power filler double reservoir

    Nib: 18Kt gold, available as EF, F, M, B, Stub.

    Visconti Year of the Dragon - ruby eyeVisconti Year of the Dragon - boxThe dragon's eye is a precious red ruby, set in the gold body.

    The Visconti Year of the Dragon pen is packaged in a special box, which is reminiscent of the octagonal architecture of Chinese pagodas and is decorated with the engraving of the dragon on the gold-coloured lid.

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