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    Snake Chinese lacquer and gold for the sinous snake that coils around the pen

    Caran dAche

    After the Dragon in 2012, the 2013 is the year of the Snake.
    In Chinese mithology, the Dragon and the Snake share intelligence, beauty, knowledge, magic and mistery; the Dragon takes the form of a snake on Earth, and the two civilized divinities who originated humans, create order on earth and transmit knowledge.

    Limited Edition
    888 fountain pens
    888 rollerballs

    2013 is the year of the Snake.

    To celebrate this year and confirm its admiration for Chinese culture, Caran d’Ache, Maison de Haute Ecriture, has created a new, prestigious writing instrument in only 888 pieces, because 8 is considered a lucky number in China, ensuring prosperity and balance in life.

    Year of the Snake
    Year of the Snake

    detail of bodyCap and body are covered in genuine chinese lacquer, hand applied in several successive layers.
    The top coat is gently polished, giving the pen the brilliant deep reflections od a jewel. At the end, with exquisite finesse and precision, the snake is engraved by hand, and plated with gold.

    detail of gripThe gold snake sinuously wraps itself around the pen's cap and body; its curves, emphasized by the the deepness of the black lacquer, shine with subtle flashes of light.the nib

    Two snakes appear also on the golden grip, engraved by laser to enrich the pen with glimmers of light.

    All trims are gold plated.

    18 Kt gold nib, engraved with Caran d'Ache logo and classic decoration, only available in M.

    The chinese lacquer is a living and fascinating material, used since the Shan Dinasty inl XIV Century BC. Its technique calls for a high degree of skills and patience, a tipically Oriental virtue. Lacquer is applied by hand in a succession of fine layers and few master craftsmen of Caran d'Ache were trained in this formidably delicate process, also combining modern technology.

    The Year of Snake is a piece of the Artist Collection series: limited editions, created in close collaboration with artists and craftsmen in several fields, from jewelry to sculpture.
    They're magnificent pieces, rich for precious materials, that perfectly illustrate the expertise of a Maison di Haute Ecriture.
    The pen is made on request: therefore it's available in approx 15 days from order.

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    Year of the Snake lacquer and gold fountain pen Medium3300.00€ 2570.00
    Year of the Snake lacquer and gold roller roller2800.00€ 2190.00
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