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    Tempi Moderni The ergonomic pen with (almost) triangular section, uniquely styled aesthetically


    The Tempi Moderni fountain pen is a homage to the famous film 'Modern Times' by Charlie Chaplin, which denounced the inhuman pace of technology. Even today, technology is under indictment, for the artificial intelligence that is supposed to replace man.
    Writing by hand is a subversive gesture therefore, and the best way to celebrate the achievements of mankind.

    Pineider Tempi Moderni - ProgettoThe Pineider Tempi Moderni fountain pen, however, was inspired by the fuselage of the first jet plane with a triangular cross-section and very rounded corners; but also by the fact that the pen is held with 3 fingers, one on each side. 
    From ergonomic research and design work, the shape of the Tempi Moderni was arrived at: perceived as triangular, it actually has mutant sections, because it starts as an ogive on the cap, continues triangular along the barrel, and ends round at the tail. 

    Pineider Tempi Moderni fountain pen

    Thumb, index and middle finger find the optimal position on the 3 sides of the pen, for a comfortable and pleasant writing experience.

    Closure of the cap: double magnet, quick and secure.
    Clip: cut-out feather-shaped.

    Tempi Moderni has a highly polished resin body and cap, with palladium or rose gold plated finish.
    Available in two ultra-classic Pineider colours: deep Black and British racing Green

    Pineider Tempi Moderni
    Pineider Tempi Moderni palladium finish fountain pen

    Pineider Tempi Moderni British Green fountain penPineider Tempi Moderni rose gold plated finishing

    The collection includes aldo the capped rollerball
    Pineider Tempi Moderni roller

    The Tempi Moderni pens are also available with black trims, in more vivid colours, like Red (Italy Racing Red) and Light Blue (France Racing Blue):

    Pineider Tempi Moderni

    For all teh fountain pens, the filling system is piston.
    Steel nib, available as EF, F, M.

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    Tempi Moderni - rose gold finishing fountain pen - Special Offer black Fine338.00€ 220.00
    Tempi Moderni - palladium finishing roller roller€ 245.00
    Tempi Moderni - rose gold finishing roller roller€ 245.00
    Tempi Moderni - black finishing roller roller€ 245.00
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