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    Vedo Stipula Colored handy quality pen, at affordable price

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    Stipula Vedo series is a bright and vivid coloured pen, hand turned from solid bar.
    Handy, light, carefully finished and at an affordable price, ideal to accompany us every day.

    The fountain pen was produced in two models: piston filled, or cartridge/converter filled, but all colors are sold out.
    Vedo converter

    The collection includes also the capped roller, and the twist ballpens.

    The rollerballs are still available in plain black and pearly blue.
    Stipula Vedo roller black

    The ballpens are available in plain black, pearly red, clear (transparent) demo and blue demo.
    Stipula Vedo black ballpen
    penna asfera Vedo di Stipula
    Stipula Vedo  transparent ballpen
    Vedo Sfera Blu zaffiro trasparente


    Special offer and packaging

    Notepad with Vedo ballpen Blue Vedo with notepad Transparent ballpen with notepad

    Rollerballs and ballpens
    All the Vedo capped rollers and the twist ballpens come in a Stipula red box with a small Moleskin-type notepad, (valued 12€), size cm. 9,4 x 13.

    The notepads are not sold separately.

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    Description Color Version List Price €
    Vedo - piston filled fountain pen with ink - Special Offer Sold out
    Vedo - converter fountain pen with ink bottle - Special Offer redSold out
    Vedo - roller with notepad - Special Offer rollerSold out
    Vedo - ballpen with notes - Special Offer red ball pen111.00€ 39.00
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