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    ricambi Visconti Spare Parts, refills and blotting paper by Visconti


    refill and blotting paper by Visconti

    Visconti nibs

    Original nibs, in 14 Kt gold or palladium Dreamtouch 23 kt; but also steel nibs, large and small, and even the new tubular Smartouch nib.
    Ballpoint and roller refills, blotting paper.
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    Description Color Version Price €
    Refills VA49 for ballpoint - 10 pieces - tip B € 40.00
    Refills VA45 for Titanic roller - 9 pieces blue € 36.00
    Refills VA40 for roller - ceramic - 10 pieces € 35.00
    small 23 kt palladium nib € 132.00
    small steel rhodiated nib € 21.00
    Small steel nib - new model € 21.00
    New steel grip for new small nibs € 12.00
    extra-flex small steel nib Extra Fine€ 21.00
    Dreamtouch large 23Kt palladium nib € 220.00
    Dreamtouch large 23Kt palladium nib - special € 275.00
    tubular Smartouch chromium nib € 80.00
    screw converter € 6.00
    converter for Rembrandt-Classic € 6.00
    ink cartridges - 7 pieces box € 3.00
    Laminated blotting papers - cm.6x11 - € 4.00
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