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    venus de milo Italian marble and finely worked metals, for a symbol of grace and beauty

    VENUS DE MILO Limited

    Limited Edition
    200 bronze fountain pens
    200 bronze rollerballs
    8 solid gold fountain pens
    4 solid gold rollerballs

    Montegrappa commemorates the bicentenary of the discovery of the Venus de Milo,one of the word's great cultural treasures, with a limited edition in marble.

    Attributed to the Greek sculptor Alexander of Antioch, dated around 130 B.C., the Venus statue was found in 1820 by a farmer on the Milos island, purchased by the French ambassador and donated to King Louis XVIII. Since then it has been on display in the Louvre museum.

    Venus de Milo by Montegrappa

    The pen is made with Italian marble powder, dried and hardened in special moulds obtained with 3D modelling, to capture every nuance of the original in high-resolution.
    The silky touch surface and the marble effect obtained with this technique make it very difficult to distinguish it from a pen made of stone.

    Thims are made with bronze.
    (A very limited quantity of 18Kt gold pieces will also be produced for the most demanding collectors).

    Montegrappa Venus de Milo fountain pen
    Montegrappa Venus de Milo roller
    Montegrappa Venus de Milo

    The central band is decorated with small neoclassical motifs, often found on the edges of ancient amphorae.
    The clip features the typical leaf decorations of Greek capitals.

    Cap and bottom in glossy black acrylic resin, give elegance and contrast to the pen.

    Montegrappa Venus de Milo cap top

    What is an Ambigram?
    The ambigram is a word,
    or a calligraphic design, that
    -into the selfsame set of curves-
    manages to give two different readings,
    or the same one,
    rotating the design,
    or mirroring, or other.

    At the top of the cap, a metal disc (in bronze or gold depending on the finish) is engraved with the ambigram of Montegrappa, a distinctive element of the latest collections.

    The 18 Kt gold nib is personalized with the Venus outline, and is available as EF, F, M, B, ST.
    Piston filling system.

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