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    Marlen Zeus Celluloid, resin and Corian to celebrate Zeus, god of Olympus

    ZEUS Limited

    Limited Edition
    28 Prestige fp
    18 Prestige roller
    28 Deluxe fp

    The ZEUS collection is the new valuable limited edition realized by Marlen.

    Zeus, god of sky and thunder, king and father of Olympian gods, is the main divinity of ancient Greek culture. Due to his affairs with nimphs and mortal women, he's also father of several heroes and heroines of Greek mythology; among them, Hercules, Perseus, Mino, Helen of Troy and and Alexander the Great.

    Zeus has been produced in Prestige and Deluxe version, same characteristics bur different sizes.

    Prestige fountain pen:
    length mm.143 open
    diameter of body mm. 12

    Deluxe fountain pen:
    length mm. 155 open
    diameter of body mm. 16
    Marlen Zeus fountain pen

    Pens are made in cream white celluloid, slightly transucent and pearly, alternated to snow-white resin bands, with rings and trims in sterling silver.
    Its body is carved with traditional effects, made in white Corian marble, reaching a global effect of ancient Greece marble statues.

    Zeus Marlen
    Marlen Zeus closed

    Both Prestige and Deluxe model are piston filled and mount a 14 Kt gold nib, available as F, M, B.

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