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    Leonardo da Vinci Hand made and painted fountain pen, made of solid wood with inlays


    Limited Edition
    50 fountain pen

    New D-Parmy realization, to celebrate one of the greatest genius of Renaissance and of humankind, for his 500th anniversary of death (1452-1519).

    Leonardo da Vinci was involved in architecture and sculpture, and was a drawer, painter, set designer, anatomist, engineer, but above all an inventor, brilliant and eclectic.

    This beautiful fountain pen is all in wood, turned and painted by hand, in only 50 pieces worldwide.
    Body and cap are in solid wood of Palo Santo, with inlays in Bois de Rose..

    Leonardo Da Vinci

    Leonardo da Vinci stilografica

    The central part of the body is made of maple wood, on which a reproduction of Leonardo's famous self-portrait is hand painted. The original was probably made by the artist in 1510-1515, in the last years of his life.
    Rhodium-plated steel clip, rhodium-plated brass handle.

    Cartridge/converter filling system
    18 Kt white gold nib, only Medium tip.
    D-parmy Leonardo da Vinci
    In 1505, Leonardo da Vinci started studying the structure of birds and their flight, to build flying machines; drawing projects and notes in his Codex on the Flight, which he failed to finish.

    This Codex inspired D-Parmy for his fountain pen, reproducing the project of his Hinged Wing on each desk pedestal in fir wood, completely hand painted.


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