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    D-Parmy was founded in 2012 from the desire to transform a passion for wood and inlay into fine writing instruments, that is the other passion of the founder, Damiano Parmiggiani.
    D-Parmy pens are created in wood, a noble, living material, whose surprising and quite uncommon characteristics make each pen unique and special. The streaks, variously marked in shape and colour, are harmonious signs of aging and offer a pleasure that is palpable as well as visual and olfactory.

    Wood changes with time, just like writing, a vital and changeable gesture that transmits ideas from the intellectual realm to the material realm of ink and paper.

    Giardino Italiano is authorized dealers of D-Parmy pens

    D-Parmy- Leonardo Da VinciLimited

    Leonardo Da Vinci
    Only 50 pieces, hand made of wood with inlaid and painting

    D-Parmy- Pua

    Hand-crafted pens, made in solid ebony with maple woods inlaid dots

    D-Parmy- La Premiere

    La Premiere
    Hand-crafted pens, made with precious woods with marquetry - bois de rose, bois de violette, ebony

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