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    Duraflex Limited The old Duragraph del 1923, con pennino Omniflex


    Limited Edition
    1898 fountain pens
    898 ballpens
    each colors

    The Duraflex collection is a variation of the Duragraph series (which is a reissue of Conklin's 1923 Duragraph) and the flex nib Omniflex. Its name comes from "durable", because it was intended to last through generations, with a lifetime warranty.

    The Duraflex line is regular in size, but slender and not massive; and like the old Duragraph, features the timeless large flat top design of the cap.


    Freedom from stress or financial burden, freedom from oppression or persecution, and especially freedom of press, speech, or the written word. A dazzling confetti like pattern of patriotic red, whites, and blues are displayed along the body, in a modern and vibrant way.

    Duraflex Freedom fountain pen
    Duraflex Limited Freedom ballpen

    Endless Summer

    Like the name says, experience the joy of California's summer: warm sun, sand, fresh air and cool nights.
    Endless Summer Duraflex L.E.
    Conklin Duraflex LE Endless Summer
    Available as fountain pens and ballpen: both with rose gold finishing.

    Blue/Rose Gold

    The most classic of Duraflex Limited Editions is made of marbled deep blue resin with light blue accents, and rose gold finishes.
    Conklin Duraflex L.E. Blue/Rose Gold
    Duraflex LE Blue/Rose Gold

    All the fountain pens are cartidge/converter filled, and feature the Omniflex steel nib.

    Duraflex Limited BoxEach pen is individually numbered: 1898 pieces for fountain pens, and 898 for ballpens.

    The Limited Edition fountain pens of Duraflex collection are packed in a nice, elegant box that includes a complimentary ink bottle.


     Conklin giftsAn extra free 30 ml. ink bottle comes with every Duraflex Limited fountain pen.
    Various colors available; please specify your preference in the "Comments" area of our order form, and we'll do our best to make you happy!


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    Duraflex L.E. Endless Summer fountain pen OmniFlexSold out
    Duraflex L.E. Endless Summer ballpen ball penSold out
    Duraflex L.E. Freedom fountain pen OmniFlexSold out
    Duraflex L.E. Freedom ballpen - Special Offer ball pen69 € 42.00
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