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    Libro Stories, tools, collectibles, all around ink

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    Inks in writing and printing history

    Stories, tools, collectibles
    by Alessandro Gusmano,
    cm. 22 x 28; 256 pages; more than 500 pictures
    Text: Italian only

    Alessandro Gusmano, one of the most important expert of the matter, wanted to generate historic, collectible and scientific curiosity about ink evolution.

    inchiostro tipografico Litografia caricamento stilografiche

    Cap. 4: XVII century print machine
    Cap. 6: hand made litography
    Cap. 8 fountain pens and filling systems

    The book shows many different types of inks from XVIII century to nowadays, and also ink bottles, nibs, pens and inkpots.; as well as other collectors' objects such as related advertising and design products.


    The Chapter 10 is devoted to collectibles: nibs' and pens' boxes, worldwide nibs, main models of fountain pens.



    calamai flaconi

    Collectibles include also ink bottles, old and vintage, in glass, ceramic or bakelite; desk inpots in ceramic, porcelain, crystal or metals, enamelled, cheselled or golden.

    Note: the book is only in Italian

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