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    Briarwood Walking Sticks Sticks for Walking and Interior decoration. Knobs have briarwood details.


    Caryatid Briarwood Walking SticksSnake Briarwood Walking SticksKnob Briarwood Walking SticksHandle Briarwood Walking SticksBriarwood Walking Sticks Crunch Handle

    From left to right: Caryatid - Snake - Knob - Handle - Crunch handle.

    Caryatid and Snake feature knobs of briarwood and Silver 925/ooo. Bird's eye Maple canes Ø mm.20
    Silver tip + rubber tip in bundle.

    Knob, Handle and Crunch handle have briarwood handles and silver details.
    Canes in polished black beech, Ø 18 or 20 mm.


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    Description Color Version Price €
    Caryatid - stick with briarwood and silver Sold out
    Snake - stick with briarwood and silver Sold out
    Stick in black beech with briarwood knob 220 € 147.00
    Stick in black beech with briarwood crook handle 220 € 147.00
    Crutch - walking stick in black beech with briarwood handle 220 € 147.00
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