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    Pelikan 605 white Exquisite transpariencies in milky-white tones

    Special Edition


    The new Souverän 605 White-Transparent stands out for grace and elegance, adding a note of tasteful refinement to the classic Souverän model. It features delicate transparencies, all with milk-white shade.

    Pelikan 605 White fountain pen
    Pelikan 605 white ballpen

    detail of barrelThepartially transparent barrel is made with cellulose acetate.
    The white pieces are made with high-grade resin, and the metal trims are finished with palladium.

    Even the inner parts, that slightly shine through the white-transparent barrel of the fountain pen and the upper-part of the ballpoint pen, harmonize perfectly with the white-silver look.

    The fountain pen features the rhodiated 14 kt gold nib, and is available in EF, F, M and B sizes.
    Piston filling system.

    605 White - boxThe specially designed gift box is completely different from usual serious Pelikan boxes!
    It's pearly grey, with a daring ribbon opening, Burlesque style, that recalls the lady corsets of two centuries ago.

    Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria.


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