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    405 Stresemann The pen with a morning dress comes also in 405 size


    Last year, Pelikan made a pen with elegant grey stripes, large size (Souverän 800), naming it Stresemann, honouring Gustav Stresemann (1879-1929), Foreign Minister of the Weimar Republic, Nobel Prize for Peace in 1926,
    He used to wear a new suit, with thin black/anthracite stripes, the "morning dress", that was called Stresemann as well. People started to call Stresemann also the striped fountain pens from Pelikan, that were just then starting their global success. Both the suits and the pens still carry that name to this day.

    This year, Pelikan repeats its large success with a smaller pen, based on the Souverän 400 size: the 405 Stresemann.

    405 Stresemann fountain pen
    405 Stresemann roller

    The barrel, with the deceptively simple anthracite stripes, is made of cellulose acetate, using a traditional process that's extremely work-intensive.
    For the black, finely turned, pieces, high-quality resin was used.
    The clip and the rings are plated with palladium.nib

    Piston filling system.
    18 kt gold nib, completely rhodinized to obtain a silver sheen.
    Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria.

    Scatola 405 Stresemann Scatola roller

    The fountain pen comes in a luxury round box, which includes also a complimentary Edelstein ink bottle and a nice ecoleather pencase.
    The rollerball is packed in its classic rectangular box, with its ecoleather pencase.

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