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    Emozione Emotions are what a writer needs to express


    Montegrappa wants to touch the writer's soul, evoking one of the most important human conditions that feed the poets: the emotion.
    Emozione defines a lust for life, a celebration of everything that fills one' existence. It could be the reaction to an opera, or a goal, or a person. It precedes a much-anticipated event, and embraces every feeling or mood.

    The Emozione collection features a classic shape, round section, but embraces Montegrappa's signature octagonal shape in its cap top and bottom.
    The same motif is reproduced also in the clip and nib decoration. The cap top is engraved with the traditional 1912 logo.

    Montegrappa Emozione
    Emozione Montegrappa
    Montegrappa Emozione
    Emozione Montegrappa
    Montegrappa Emozione
    Emozione Montegrappa
    Montegrappa Emozione

    Cap and body are made in precious pearly celluloid, in four wonderful colors, slightly changeable in patterns, because each emotion is unique.
    Sterling silver finishing.

    black celluloid Blue celluloid red celluloid yellow celluloid

    The Emozione collection is available as fountain pen, roller and ballpen.

    Cartridge/converter filling system.

    18 Kt gold nib, available as F, M, B, decorated with the Montegrappa's octagonal pattern.

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    Emozione - celluloid fountain pen € 1050.00
    Emozione - celluloid roller roller€ 780.00
    Emozione - celluloid ballpen ball pen€ 620.00
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    € 46.00
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